About Us

Zentech Consulting Pty Ltd is a boutique IT consulting company focused on cloud computing solutions.

We set out to help the small and medium businesses to continue to operate and thrive by moving their business online and enable them to engage with clients both local and overseas with the help of cloud based solutions.

Zentech Consulting is guided by the ideology of Zen:

  • Minimalism
  • Essential
  • Intuitive
  • Relaxed
  • Inner Peace

And X stands for the eXperience that our clients will have.

Zentech Consulting wants to help migrate traditional bricks and mortar businesses to the web and help those with an existing web presence to expand into e-commerce or other value added services and capabilities.

Why Zentech

We have over 15 years experience in IT, web development and cloud based solutions.
We focus on enabling growth in your business and reducing web related IT costs.

Zentech being local means we are easily accessible. You will not be left on hold waiting to talk to the right person.
Being a boutique IT consultancy means we are focused and will only take on a limited number of projects at any one time.

We spend time getting to know your business and understanding your needs.
We understand that IT is merely a tool to help your business succeed.
We pride ourselves on making our solutions simple and easy to understand.

That is the power of Zentech.